This is a rendering of the original Common Lisp ANSI Specification draft.

How it's made

The starting point for the HTML pages you see has been the specification draft's .texi files,
which have been converted to HTML using texi2any. The resulting HTML has then been processed using some Python scripting, good old search&replace and increasingly just fixing stuff "by hand".

There are still some issues. One of them is that I started out using not the latest version of the draft, so that X3J13 changes were not included. When I noticed that, a lot of individual processing had already been done to the generated HTML, which would simply be too much work to do again on all of the pages generated using the newest sources. So I am instead slowly going through the differences one-by-one and update the texts if necessary. I found a listing of the issues in the HyperSpec.

The search function is just a tiny bit of vanilla JS and syntax highlighting is done using highlight-lisp. Icons are from Remix Icon.

The site is hosted for free by GitHub Pages.

If you find any issues or want to contribute, here is a link to the GitHub repository.

Similar Projects

After I started this project, someone pointed me to the NovaSpec, which is a nice rendering, much more complete than this, and improving a lot on the CLHS in my opinion. Check it out!

Available Pages

You can find a listing of all the pages here.